The museum is one of the most-award winning in Portugal, both nationally and internationally, and since it opened in 2008, it has won the following prizes:

  • Honourable mention in the category “Best Portuguese Museum” by the Portuguese Museology Association in 2008;
  • Honourable mention by “Portugal Tourism” in the category “New Public Event” in 2009;
  • Council of Europe Museum Prize” 2010;

In 2010 the Museum of Portimão won this important award, represented by a bronze statuette, “La femme aux beaux seins” by Joan Miró, which the museum keep for one year, mostly due to its work with the community and its different cultures. It was then considered that the Museum shown a great understanding of both local and global world in the past as in the present, being a fine example of good practices and an important counterpoint of preservation and reflection on cultural heritage, in a context of a mass tourism region.

















                “La femme aux beaux seins” by Joan Miró  


  • The “DASA – World of Work Award 2011”, a prize awarded for the first time in the city of Dortmund in Germany.
  • "Silver Macaw - Young talents" award, for the movie "À conversa com Manuel Teixeira Gomes", on the Festival Film Tour Brazil 2011